In a small cell, every mystery and miracle of life is carefully hidden.
Some microorganisms can survive even in a hot spring.
What! Small molecules secreted from the cells play important roles affecting various developmental functions even in cancer cells.
How? All the genetic information is packed within a nucleus controlling functional aspects of a cell.
How? It is you that can answer the everlasting questions which scientists have asked for long time.

Analysis and utility of genome information

Various aspects of super molecules of genetic information or chromosomes have been studied mainly by visual means.
Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) can now visualize the chromosomalpositions of DNA sequences with some hundreds base pairs.
Three- dimensional analysis on modification of histone proteins reveals the dynamic nature of gene expression and structural changes.
The objective of the study is the unification of function and structure by the functional visualization through the analysis of genetic information.

Proteome analysis on chromosomes

Higher structure of a chromosome, an ark of proteins and genes to a new daughter cells, is unknown to date.
A new approach of proteome analysis is taken to elucidate the higher structure of the chromosome,
which gives the essentials of chromosomal function.




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