Best Presentation Award in the Midterm Examination
for Master Course Students 2016

January 5, 2017

Midterm examination for master course students was held on December 21st, 2016. 72 students including 14 international course (International Program of Frontier Biotechnology) students gave oral and presentations and reviewed by our academic staffs. As a result, following 10 students were selected as candidates for the presentation award.

From Regular Course, M1 students
Chung Soo Yeon (Muranaka Lab)
KUBOMURA Arisa (Fujiyama Lab)
NISHIDA Mami (Fujiyama Lab)
SATO Keigo (Fujiyama Lab)
SUMIKURA Saki (Fukusaki Lab)
TAKEO Emi (Fukusaki Lab)
TANIGUCHI Moyu (Fukusaki Lab)

From English Course, M2 students
ADHITAMA Nikko (Watanabe Lab)
PRAMESTI Resha Nindya (Nihira Lab)
QUANG Tran (Nagai Lab)

The selected students had additional round of poster presentations on the second day (Dec, 22), and consequently, winners of the best presentation award were selected as follows:
Regular Course, M1 students
1st Place: Ms. Moyu TANIGUCHI "Enantioselective amino acids profiling of kimchis stored under different temperature conditions"
2nd Place: Ms. Emi TAKEO "Development of aldosterone specific imaging techniques in human primary aldosteronism"
3rd Place: Ms. Saki SUMIKURA "Analysis of imidacloprid kinetics in Solanum lycopersicum by imaging mass spectrometry"

International Course, M2 students
1st Place: Ms. PRAMESTI Resha Nindya "Effect of phytohormones on secondary metabolism in endophytic actinomycetes
Congratulations to the award winners !