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Self-introductionI am an associate professor at the Department of Biotechnology, Osaka University, Japan. I received my PhD from Osaka University (1999) and did a postdoc at the Pluckthun lab (University of Zurich) (1999-2003). I have been working with the cell-free protein synthesis system (in vitro transcription-translation system) throughout my carrier. Another field I have long been involved in is directed evolution of proteins. My current interests are to engineer membrane proteins using the cell-free system and cell-sized liposomes, and to assemble a cell-free system that exceeds the level of an E. coli cell.

Keywords: in vitro transcription-translation system, directed evolution, membrane proteins, kinetics, computational model, in vitro synthetic biology, constructive approach

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Feb 7, 2017
Our latest study is now published in PNAS. It was also introduced on Nikkei Biotech.
Feb 4, 2017
Gave a talk (invited) at ALCA green growth meeting in Sendai, Miyagi.
Jan 21-22, 2017
I acted as a Panel discussion leader at the international symposium. Totally exhausted: it was my first experience. I also gave a poster presentation.
Nov 30-Dec 2
I gave to talk (invited) at the 39th Annual meeting of the molecular Biology Society of Japan. I met a former student.