Group photo 2016

Welcome to the website of Cell Technology Laboratory (Muranaka's Lab), Department of Biotechnology, Osaka University. We are working at the leading edge of research on plant biotechnology to utilize cellular function and genetic resources of plants for social and industrial activities. Our findings will contribute to promote health, increase in food production and environmental conservation.


A paper on "chemical metabolic switching" to increase sesquiterpene content in plants, by Keiko Kobayashi (former researcher), Kanako Kobayashi (graduate) et al., has been published in Plant Biotechnology. [Link]
A paper on the identification of P450s related to triterpenoid biosynthesis in Platycodon grandiflorus, by Keita Tamura (D2), Yuga Teranishi (M2) et al., has been published in Plant and Cell Physiology. [Link]
A paper on the phosphorylation of Arabidopsis HMG-CoA reductase by AKIN10 protein, by Jekson Robertlee(D3) et al., has been published in FEBS Letters. [Link]
A paper on the functional characterization of CYP716 family P450s of tomato, by Shuhei Yasumoto(D3) et al., has been published in Frontiers in Plant Science. [Link]